Windows 7 - msimn.exe problems

Asked By Var on 02-Feb-08 06:43 AM
When i want to connct to OE. i get offen error report; msimn.exe problem and
must cut down. what can i do to help this problem, so it do not came any more?

philo replied on 02-Feb-08 09:16 AM
I'd scan the system for malware.

Also...if you made any recent changes to the may want to roll
back to a previous working configuration
by using system restore
Ken Blake, MVP replied on 02-Feb-08 10:30 AM
On Sat, 2 Feb 2008 03:43:00 -0800, Varg

What "msimn.exe problem"? If you get an error message, please post the
exact verbatim text of the message.

Also note, if you don't realize it, that msimn.exe is the name of the
executable for for Outlook Express.

Ken Blake, Microsoft MVP - Windows Desktop Experience
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Var replied on 03-Feb-08 09:51 AM
msimn.exe har stött på brblem och måste avsllutas.

AppName:msimn.exe AppVer:6:02900.2180 ModName unknown.Mdo.ver.
offset 00380030
Exeption Information
Code OXE0000005.Flags OXx00000000
Windows 2600
cpu vendo code 68747541-69746E65-44D4163
^C:\Dokume~1\Pentti\Lokala^1\Temp\7260 appcompat.txt.....

because i can not"paste" all the text i do not hve written rest of the
message.. I hope it will help
Kind Regards