Windows 7 - Possible to add custom file attributes?

Asked By Calab on 26-Jul-08 05:51 PM
I was wondering...

Is it possible to add custom attributes to the file system? I would really
love a "flag" attribute so I could mark files that I've processed or that I
feel are important (Similar to how you can flag messages in Outlook). Of
course Explorer would have to display the flag in the detailed file listing.

Is this possible? Are there any utilities out there that can do this now?


philo replied on 26-Jul-08 06:50 PM


just right click on the file
then go to "properties"

then to the "summary" tab


you can go to "comments" or whichever value you wish to assign
and add your own comments/info.

To view your comments in Windows explorer
simply go up to the title bar and right click...
then enable the column (or columns) you wish to display