Windows 7 - How to prevent apps from stealing the focus?

Asked By Michael Moser on 05-Nov-08 04:02 AM
One annoyance that sometimes drives me mad, are apps that open windows
and steal the focus. I keep setting the "Prevent applications from
stealing focus" checkbox in Tweak UI, but every few days that checkbox
is off again!?!

I don't have any "registry write protection" or anything of that sort
installed. So who/what application could keep clearing this flag???


usasm replied on 06-Nov-08 12:16 PM
I would think that the most likely culprit is the app that first steals the
focus after you've set TweakUI.

I wonder if changing the permissions for the
HKEY_CURRENT_USER/ControlPanel/Desktop key would work - but don't know about
the impact it would have on your system.  Obviously, should you choose to
experiment with this - you should backup your registry before trying it.

- John
Michael Moser replied on 14-Nov-08 05:35 AM
Does anyone happen to know the registry key that allows to prevent focus
stealing? I mean the entry that TweakUI changes when I click the
checkbox "prevent apps from stealing the foucs".

I don't want to lock the entire desktop, but preventing that particular
key from being changed might be useful.