Windows 7 - Setting all desktop icons to open "Maximized"

Asked By Candac on 03-Dec-08 12:04 PM
Is there a setting in the Windows Operating System that would force all
desktop icons and or shortcuts to open in Maximized view automatically? I
realize that some shortcut icons on the desktop have a "Shortcut" tab when
you go to that icon's properties, and it allows you to change the "Run"
option to "Maximized". But this is not the case with all icons/shortcuts on
the desktop.

Leonard Grey replied on 03-Dec-08 12:24 PM
There is no global setting in Windows XP, but there may be third party
software you can add that will do this.
Leonard Grey
Packin' the 'K'
Richard replied on 03-Dec-08 09:20 PM
Olórin replied on 04-Dec-08 05:43 AM
Only advertises itself as applying to Internet Explorer and Outlook

Candace - which desktop icons/shortcuts don't have a "shortcut" tab? You can
always create your own shortcuts for those applications and set *their*
properties to open maximised.