Windows 7 - Command Line for "Create New Folder" ?

Asked By ju.c on 29-Jul-09 04:09 AM
Does any one know the command line that is executed
when the "Create New Folder" button is clicked?
Or also, 'New-->Folder'.

I know that it is the "shell32.dll" file that is called and
invoked is "SHCreateDirectory".


Andrew E. replied on 29-Jul-09 05:41 AM
For commands A-Z go to:
Olórin replied on 29-Jul-09 06:12 AM
Phenomenally useful and apposite reply...
Roy Smith replied on 29-Jul-09 01:40 PM
Do you mean the equivalent DOS command?  it is either one of the two
following commands:

MKDIR [Drive:]path
MD [Drive:]path


Roy Smith
Windows XP Pro SP3
Tim Meddick replied on 30-Jul-09 12:51 AM
Why would you even want to know this?

Very few and far between function calls can be executed from the command-line (using
Rundll32.exe), so few, that it is like looking for a needle in the proverbial

You would be better off looking to a "shell-helper" tool like nircmd.exe which *can*
execute the shell create directory function for you, amongst a lot of other things

You can download 'nircmd.exe' from :


Cheers,    Tim Meddick,    Peckham, London.    :-)
ju.c replied on 30-Jul-09 07:35 AM
If you do not have an answer then do not respond.
And do not respond with opinion.

ju.c replied on 30-Jul-09 07:36 AM
Thanks, but I learned that in the 70's.

ju.c replied on 30-Jul-09 07:36 AM
Sorry, but you have not a clue what I have asked.

Twayne replied on 30-Jul-09 01:33 PM
Have you even considered how badly your question is phrased?  A little
background might have gotten you just what you needed.  Tim Meddick may
well have given you the most relevent of the answers given so far, but
your snippy egocentric responses are hurting  you as far as getting good
information goes now.  The other responders were not wrong either, in the
sense that they probably tried to provide the best info they could.
Instead of your boorish tactics, a "no, what I meant was ... " would
have helped you a lot.
You are positive you know where it is located, so now I suspect you will
get to figure out the rest of it on your own too unless you find the
right kind soul who guesses correctly at what you really want to know.


J. P. Gilliver (John) replied on 30-Jul-09 03:40 AM
I for one would be interested to know if the reply others have posted -
that md/mkdir is the command - was what the original poster was after.
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Tim Meddick replied on 30-Jul-09 10:00 PM
I was trying to be helpful.

But as your over-reactive answer has put me off, I promise not to respond to *any*
further posts set by yourself.


Cheers,    Tim Meddick,    Peckham, London.    :-)
Tim Meddick replied on 30-Jul-09 10:09 PM
In answer to your question

I was going to say that; as "ju.c" is an experienced and knowledgeable regular and
well respected amongst these groups, I doubt very much that what he wanted to know
was the 'Command Processor' [DOS prompt] equivalent, as I am sure he will know of it

That said, it is simply MD [dir name]or MKDIR [dir name]  (type MD /? for help).

But I do not think he wants my opinion any more, so I shalln't bother...


Cheers,    Tim Meddick,    Peckham, London.    :-)
ju.c replied on 01-Aug-09 08:54 AM
You cannot understand this question?

ju.c replied on 01-Aug-09 08:55 AM
Thank you.

Twayne replied on 01-Aug-09 08:30 PM
You should know that depends on how/what commands of what functions are
being used. There are several possibilities with XP's cll, well beyond
what DOS used.
So no, considering the entire content of the post you placed here,
it is hard to say what the question was.  SHCreateDirectory BTW says a
lot about your question and your intent. And you know that. You're doing
nothing but trolling now.

J. P. Gilliver (John) replied on 02-Aug-09 10:57 AM
1. The above is not a question. (Omitting the word "that" would make it
a question.)

2. I am somewhat doubtful that clicking triggers a command line;
however, several people have attempted to answer the (non-) question as
if that were the case.

3. Others who clearly know far more than I have pointed you at the
possibly appropriate DLL subroutines, if it does not invoke a command
J. P. Gilliver. UMRA: 1960/<1985 MB++G.5AL-IS-P--Ch++(p)Ar@T0H+Sh0!:`)DNAf
** for ludicrously
outdated thoughts on PCs. **

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Tim Meddick replied on 02-Aug-09 03:41 PM
I do not understand why, when "ju.c" gives out some quite respectful
advice sometimes, that in this instance he seems to have "lost it".

He does not seem to be able to grasp that not all DLL subroutines (calls) can be
executed from a command line or "Run" box - in fact, very few can!

It might seem like there are a lot of DLL subroutines that CAN be executed via
RunDLL32.exe, but bearing in mind there are hundreds of thousands of calls that
cannot be executed that way - it is a drop in the ocean.

Why does he think that he can do anything with the name of the DLL call if he found
what it was?

In fact, I found three function calls :


...and none of them succeed with RunDLL32.exe to create anything.


Cheers,    Tim Meddick,    Peckham, London.    :-)
Stan Brown replied on 02-Aug-09 04:07 PM
Sat, 1 Aug 2009 05:54:01 -0700 from ju.c

No command line is executed.

If you are asking, what would YOU type on the command line to cause
the same effect, the command is MD or MKDIR (synonyms).

Stan Brown, Oak Road Systems, Tompkins County, New York, USA
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Twayne replied on 02-Aug-09 07:52 PM
Dunno, Tim.  I still think it is a poorly worded query and I am suspecting
it is on purpose now.  I am 99.9% certain he is done the same thing a
couple of times in the past, some time ago now, and he will continue to
argue until the thread just dies out.

There is always the slight possibility that our infamous imposter or a
copy-cat is at work, but I do not really think that is the case.  Everyone
has their little quirks I guess.

As for the DLLs, APIs and so forth, as far as I am concerned it is all
moot because he never has clarified precisely what it is he wants to
know. If it is the actual code used in the calls etc., he should just
open them up and look, then decide for himself whether there is a CLI
that does whatever it is he needs.
it is a case of many ways to skin a cat, excuse the morbid reference,
so unless he wishes to clarify/verify what he is looking for, there is no
sense in trying to assist him now.  Others are more deserving IMO in
view of his negative reactions to multiple reasonable and logical
responses from posters trying to help him out.