Windows 7 - keyboard configuration

Asked By LPeddl on 29-Jan-07 03:22 PM
I recently re-installed windows XP using a recovery disc, and now I find that
the functions for some of the keys have changed. E.g. the @ key and " key
have swopped functions, so that in typing them I used the " key to type @ and
The technical support person who guided me through using the recovery disc
left some things out, to do with video, I th9nk, because I don't use my
computer as a tv. Could that be the reason?
Any advice would be appreciated.

Gordon replied on 29-Jan-07 03:28 PM
Change your Language settings in Control Panel-Regional settings from USA to
LPeddl replied on 31-Jan-07 12:11 PM
Thanks, I changed the settings and now the date and time are more the way
they should be. The original problem is still there, however,so I would still
appreciate any help.
Gordon replied on 31-Jan-07 12:46 PM
You're absolutely sure that regional settings say English (United Kingdom)
under Regional options, and there is not a Language toolbar on yout taskbar
that actually says USA English? 'Cos as far as I know that's the only cause
of your keyboard doing what it's doing....
LPeddl replied on 01-Feb-07 12:41 PM
Message to Gordon: my fault: I made the alterations under regional options
tab, not language tab; but now, after your query, I've switched to U.K
English under the language tab, and the keyboard is back to normal.
So thanks very much and may you have many wives and live to a great age.
Thanks again.
Gordon replied on 01-Feb-07 12:42 PM
Glad it is sorted!