Windows 7 - 2 hard disk drives

Asked By awake2nit on 24-Feb-07 08:45 PM
I have a Sony Vaio and I apparently have a C & D drive.  I need to free up
space on the C drive and the D drive has 17 GB of free space.  How do I
utilize this D drive and why do I have 2?  Not very computer savy!

Jim Macklin replied on 24-Feb-07 09:29 PM
It is probably what should be a hidden partition with the
copy of Windows for re-installation.

need to free up
space.  How do I
computer savy!
DL replied on 25-Feb-07 04:56 AM
Not if its set up like my Vaio, Sony supply recovery disks.
DL replied on 25-Feb-07 04:59 AM
You would need third party software, eg Partition Magic.

Or you can move data, eg My Documents to D
(rt click My Documents icon>Properties>Move)

or Uninstall Apps on C, Custom Install Apps to D

Run Disk CleanUp