Windows 7 - Mouse single click acts like double click

Asked By M Skabialka on 04-Apr-07 09:11 AM
My mouse has randomly decided that a single click is as good as a double
click.  If I click something to highlight it, it does the double click
action, e.g. opens an email instead of highlighting it so I can move it.  In
the Mouse icon on the Control Panel I have slowed the double-click speed to
the slowest but it still happens.  Sometimes it even performs the action
twice, so a double click means open it, then open it again.

Where else is there a control for what the mouse does for click and double


Percival P. Cassidy replied on 04-Apr-07 10:09 AM
Perhaps the switch in your mouse is bad and is breaking the circuit
briefly and then making it again.

M Skabialka replied on 04-Apr-07 12:22 PM
The mouse is less than six months old.  I have also gone into Folder Options
and ensures that single and double click do what I want.  I will try another

Guess what - bad mouse!  I wouldn't have thought one could fail so quickly!
Thanks for the suggestion!
Abhijeet replied on 26-Apr-07 02:24 PM
I am also having the same prob.....I think its time to change mouse