Windows 7 - Logitech USB Mouse acting wierd

Asked By mattblack on 02-Jul-07 01:19 PM
Ok, it started with my dell optical USB mouse. It would just not move,
and the light would be on and the laser would detect movement. I would
try to move the mouse but nothing would work. I also found out the Dell
USB mice are made by Logitech. So I bought a normal Logitech optical USB
mouse thinking it was just the mouse. But now it will turn off for no
reason, and sometimes it will turn off every time I click and then it
will turn back on shortly after. Also, I don't know if it is supposed
to do this, but the mouse laser will get darker every time I clicked. I
tried installing software but that also did not fix the problem. Why are
the Logitech mice doing this? I thought they were a good brand!

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Not Me replied on 03-Jul-07 03:31 AM
It could be the USB port or controller.
Try a different USB port
Smiles replied on 03-Jul-07 09:15 AM
change mouse pad

may be a bad return beam

clean sensor may have fluff or dirt on it
DellCA replied on 09-Jul-07 09:21 AM

My name is Todd and I'm with Dell's online outreach program to help
customers via blogs and forums.  Were you able to test that mouse by
plugging it into another USB port?   That's probably the most logical
first step, to see whether it's an issue with the USB port or the mouse

Also, try another mouse pad (if you're using one).  It may seem weired
but for a period of time we were giving away free pads with the
purchase of systems, and they were made with this holographic images.
They ended up playing havoc with optical mice at times.

Let me know if you were able to get the problem resolved or need more
help.  I'll stop back to see if there is anything else I can do to

Thank you,


Customer Advocate
Dell, Inc.

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