Windows 7 - corrupt Master File Table

Asked By Aitc on 14-Jul-07 07:38 PM
My bootdisk (Seagate 80GB) has gone on the fritz.  The drive shows Healthy &
Active in Disk Management yet returns 0 bytes used and 0 bytes available
under right click Properties/General.  Tools / Error Checking literally does
nothing.  From the command line CHKDSK returns Corrupt Master File Table,
CHDSK aborted.  The drive makes no nasty noises and appears to spin fine.  It
is recognized by the BIOS in bootup correctly as ST3800013A.  Strangely there
are little about solutions to fix this, yet I distinctly remember rebuilding
or repairing a FAT or FAT32 in an earlier smaller drive without loss of data.
Perhaps that was to the MBR or its equivalent whereas this problem seems to
be with the MFT.  However since XP and NTFS? have two copies of the MFT,
itself and a mirror, it seems I should be able to cobble something together
to get the drive working again.  Any ideas?  -Thanks, Aitch

DRB replied on 03-Oct-07 04:13 PM
I've just had the same thing happen on my spare 500GB seagate drive that I
use for storing family videos etc.  did you find a solution.  searching on
google comes up with lots of software making great promises to repair, but
charging $69, and no idea if it'll do the job.
Had non stop hassles since I built this new maching and made the mistake of
installing VISTA.

Aitch, or anyone else please post here if you've found a solution.
Gerry replied on 03-Oct-07 07:02 PM


Hope  this helps.

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smlunatick replied on 09-Oct-07 10:10 AM
You might want to try the following: