Windows 7 - Down load the XP &

Asked By krazyka on 23-Jul-07 12:10 PM
On 4/4/2006 Brian Vagnoni posted a question about finding and down loading
the and files.

Where to locate and download the files was not posted.

Is it possible to down load there files?

I upgraded to SP2 and now all of my USB ports are dead --- no response.
Device manager says the "USB Root Hub" drivers are not installed. I give
permission for XP to look for the drivers, but XP says they can not be found.

What is the name of the "Root Hub"  driver(s) and where should they be
located? Are they in the and/or
With a fresh copy of the .cab files I could extract the "Root Hub" driver(s)
and place them in the expected folders.


Maincat replied on 23-Jul-07 01:26 PM
Do you have a CD that came with your motherboard and that has drivers on it?
If so, load the drivers from that disk.  If not, and you know the exact
model of motherboard you have, go to the website and download them.
Jerry replied on 23-Jul-07 05:29 PM
The USB issue can be solved by installing the latest motherboard chipset
drivers - check with the motherboard manufacturer.