Windows 7 - Install Hardware Wizard not working

Asked By lilelvi on 18-Oct-07 03:08 PM
I hope that someone can help. The hardware install wizard does not seem to be
working properly (only found out when I went to add something - not sure when
it went pearshaped). It detects new hardware but can't find the drivers to
install - both ones which should be included in XP and ones on a cd. I have
been able to hack around with ones on a cd to get it to install, but I am
clueless as to how to do this for the drivers which should be there already.
Is there any way of repairing this facility from the XP cd? I can't back
everything up until I can get an external hard drive installed - and I can't
do that until I have fixed this problem! I really could do with some advice.
Please don't get too techie with me!

needlove replied on 19-Oct-07 02:48 PM
What are you installing? and do not get techie with me!
lilelvi replied on 22-Oct-07 06:24 AM
I was installing an iomega 2.0 usb hard drive - but it gets worse! On Friday
I accidentally unplugged my dell usb keyboard and now it won't recognse that
- even when i point it to the drivers file in windows/system 32 or the
windows xp os disc in the cd drive.

Fortunately I have a laptop too but it is driving me nuts! I recently
installed windows office 2007, but I don't know if this is connected to the
problem. I have tried to recover back to an earlier point, but the stupid
thing keeps telling me that there have been no changes - even though I have
installed and uninstalled a couple of pieces of software. I am seriously
pissed off as I have loads of video and pictures that I am now going to have
extreme difficulty getting off the machine and I have never had to go back
and reinstall an operating system before.