Windows 7 - Disk dirves disappear suddenly in Windows XP

Asked By tmeb on 23-Oct-07 08:19 PM
I have a PC running Windows XP SP2 with all patches updated. Every now and
then one or more of my secondary drives just disappear. They disappear
suddenly while I am using the PC and I find out when I try to access one of
the folders on a drive which is now missing. I check.

I cannot find them when I check it under "My computer"; or when I check it
using "Computer Management > Storage Management >> Disk Management"; and
also don't find it when I checked it by looking under "drives" in "Device

They usually come back if I re-boot the PC ....

At first I thought it was a problem with a Maxtor drive I have in my PC,
then I noticed that it also does it with a Seagate drive.

Now I am suspecting that it might be a Windows XP or hardware problem.

Help, any suggestions on how I can troubleshoot or any suggestions on what
could be causing this problem, what to do to fix it?

Thanks and Regards,

Ted M.

DL replied on 24-Oct-07 06:01 AM
You checked Event Viewer, as previously suggested?