Windows 7 - adjust bass/treble with volume control

Asked By Bucky on 08-Dec-07 05:13 PM
I'm not able to adjust bass/treble with volume control. I go into
volume control > advanced, and the bass/treble controls are grayed
out! It's probably due to the sound driver, which is SoundMAX
Integrated Digital HD Audio, which came with the Thinkpad T61.

Is there some way I can adjust the bass/treble? Can I use a substitute
sound driver or something? I can adjust the EQ if playing through WMP,
Winamp, etc, but I can't adjust when playing from a browser plugin.

David B. replied on 07-Dec-07 08:59 AM
You can't adjust it because your sound drivers don't support it, try an
updated driver from IBM (Lenovo).


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JohnO replied on 07-Dec-07 01:30 PM
If that does not work, you will have to use the tone controls in Windows Media
Player or whatever audio playback application you may be using.

-John O
Bucky replied on 08-Dec-07 05:14 PM
The problem is I want to adjust when I'm listening to music through
browser plugin without EQ controls. Looks like there's pretty much no
way to do this since the sound card and drivers don't support it. Argh!
JohnO replied on 07-Dec-07 09:22 PM
Maybe...if you can figure out the audio chip you *might* be able to get a
different driver direct from the manufacturer. Chances are slim, but you
never know.

-John O
Paul replied on 07-Dec-07 09:56 PM
I have an Asus motherboard, and back when I was playing with Soundmax,
someone found a compatible driver on the Dell site. It was more
recent than the one Asus offered, and worked OK. But there is an
art to finding stuff like that, and it helps to know more about
the hardware, before beginning the search.

It isn't hard to find features like the graphic equalizer now,
because they are implemented in software. The hardware chip itself
is usually limited to analog to digital and digital to analog
conversion. Other features, like the graphics equalizer, are
added via digital signal processing done by the system processor.