Windows 7 - MAX HDD Size

Asked By Ali KILIC on 09-Jan-08 03:06 AM
what is the maximum hdd size supported by windows xp..

for example if i use 1 TB ide drive on my xp machine; does it work properly

Bjarke Andersen replied on 09-Jan-08 04:10 AM
Question is asked incorrectly.

The maximum HDD supported depends on your HDD controller. For this, you
will need to check with the manufacturer of this (in case of onboard
controller you can probably find this at the motherboard manufacturer).

However, there are 2 types of partitions XP can be installed on, FAT32 and
NTFS, these only defind the max size of a partition, however a disk can
hold several partitions.

Max size of a FAT32 is theoretically 8TB but realworld limit is 2TB.
However XP can read FAT32 of any size, but only create 32GB FAT32

NTFS, which is the preferred filesystem for Windows (NT family) today has a
maximum of 256TB.

Bjarke Andersen
Ali KILIC replied on 09-Jan-08 04:28 AM i am satisfied with this are correct.
i i have to check motherboard hdd controller chipset.

thank you for your reply...

philo replied on 09-Jan-08 04:40 AM
If your mobo cannot handle a 1TB drive...check their website to see if they
might have a bios upgrade that can handle
a drive that size.

Otherwise you can get a controller card
jorgen replied on 09-Jan-08 07:24 AM
There is also the limitation of addressing sectors in the MBR. With a
sector size of 512 bytes, the drive is limited to 2^32 * 512 bytes = 2
TB. So another partition scheme must be used.
CP replied on 24-Jan-08 03:41 PM
Ok, my motherboard has 6 SATA connections.
So using XP 32-bit SP2, could I connect a 1TB drive to each of the
connections, giving me a total of 6TB?  Would XP be able to read all 6TB?
(assuming my motherboard's HDD controller supports 6TB)

Bob I replied on 24-Jan-08 03:51 PM
That is only 1 TB per connection, not an issue.