Windows 7 - What is ipoint.exe exactly for & why does it cause flickering prob

Asked By drea on 08-Mar-08 07:04 PM
I already made a post about how ipoint caused flickering in quicken but I
started looking around and fount out that is not only quicken but several
other programs. This problem goes way back. Why hasn't Microsoft fixed this
yet? Are they ever gonna fix this? If you looking at this Microsoft fix the
issue its been around for a bit and most people and places say disable
ipoint.exe from running at startup but what is it for exactly?

eckrichc replied on 08-Mar-08 10:51 PM
Its software for microsoft mice...What version of software are you running,
currently its at v6.2,seems the most stable was v5.0 however that needs a
drea replied on 08-Mar-08 11:36 PM
6.2 also. I know its mouse software but what does it do? Why does it load on
startup? What functions if any will I lose if I disable it from startup?
David Vair replied on 09-Mar-08 11:32 AM
It handles the assignments to the extra buttons on your mouse.
Dave Vair
drea replied on 09-Mar-08 12:41 PM
If that is all it does then I will just disable it till Microsoft gets off
its lazy butt and fixes the problem if they even care that is. One of the
main reasons I install the drivers is to get a higher pointer speed. So the
buttons aren't that important to me considering the problems it causes. Hope
Microsoft is reading this and actually fixes the problem all they have to do
or anyone else is do a google search and find out the problems ipoint.exe
David Vair replied on 09-Mar-08 03:23 PM
Some people seem to think that the flickering is due to the assignment of Instant View to the Wheel
Button, you might want to try a different assignment to it and see if that helps first.
Dave Vair
smlunatick replied on 12-Mar-08 10:32 PM
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If the flickering is happening, you should also check and update the
video card drivers.  Ipoint is not the only cause
drea replied on 10-Mar-08 10:45 AM
For me ipoint.exe was the only cause. Plus disabling and ending task on
ipoint.exe has worked for a lot of people. I was surprised how many results
came up when I did a search and seen how far back and how many people had the
same problem. Microsoft really needs to fix this. But since it has been
happening awhile it appears as they dont care. Hopefully I am wrong though
and hopefully they are reading this and will actually fix the problem.