Windows 7 - Driver update for PS/2 Compatible Mouse

Asked By leolive on 26-Jul-08 05:59 PM
Hi Everyone,

I was told that there is a driver update for my Microsoft PS/2 Compatible
Mouse .
My current driver is a mouclass.sys  5.1.2600.5512 (xpsp.080413-2108)   ,
7-1-2001 . When I performed a PC Pitstop Driver Alert Scan , it told me
there is a updated driver ,    11-7-2003 available. But I wasn't able to find
the update on the INTERNET . I was hoping that someone could tell me where to
find the update .
Im running a Dell Dimension 4550 , with WinXpPro SP3 .
Thanks .
your friend,

philo replied on 26-Jul-08 08:54 PM

Assuming your mouse is working correctly,
there is no need to update your driver
Jerry replied on 27-Jul-08 03:29 PM
If your mouse works, do not worry about what PC Pitstop Driver Alert Scan
tells you.
smlunatick replied on 03-Aug-08 09:52 AM
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All those "driver" alert scanning softwares tend to be a waste of
time.  As previously posted, if the mouse driver is working correctly,
then why bother updating the driver if it does not fix a problem.

Microsoft has two mouse drivers.  There is the standard one that is
shipped in most Windows versions. Then there the enhanced Intellipoint
drivers that they make for their line of mice.  If you have a
Microsoft "branded" mouse, you can possibly install the Intellipoint
drivers (if your mouse is in the list of supported mice.)
Alexandre Macedo replied on 21-Apr-09 10:20 AM
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