Windows 7 - Why is my floppy drive running?

Asked By watha on 09-Aug-08 06:39 AM
I just did a fresh reinstall of XP on a new hard drive, and am
enjoying the usual improved performance.  But there's one odd quirk--
the floppy drive, which has no disk in it, keeps lighting up and
buzzing as if it were searching for data.  It does this every few
minutes.  I suppose it's haremless, but it's annoying.  Besides, I'm
curious about why it would do this.  Anybody ever see this before?
And how can I make it stop?  Thanks.

bud replied on 07-Aug-08 02:13 PM
Try to open a file in something. Like a image in paint shop or something
similar. It probably will search for a floppy and then tell you there is no
disk in the drive. Then use the browse button and open an image from the
hard drive. That should stop xp from thinking the floppy is the default
drive and stop searching it.
Kelly replied on 07-Aug-08 02:29 PM
Go to:  Programs/Administrative Tools/Services/In the right pane set"Shell
Hardware Detection" service to manual startup. Set it to automatic.

Or ....

Go to Start/Run/services.msc

Start/Control Panel/Administrative Tools/Services. In the right pane find
Shell Hardware Detection and set it to Automatic.

Added info:

This behavior can occur if a folder that includes a .pif file that
references a program file on a floppy disk drive is opened. For example, if
you have a .pif file with a command line "a:\" in the Windows\Temp
folder, your floppy disk drive may be active when you start your computer.

To resolve this issue, change the command line reference in the Properties
of the shortcut, or delete the shortcut:

For example, if the command line reads a:\, change the line to read

This issue most often occurs after the contents of a floppy disk are copied
to a folder on your hard disk. This can also occur if a shortcut on your
hard disk references a program that is on a floppy disk. Note that this can
also occur on other removable media.

Programs/Administrative Tools/Services/In the right pane set"Shell Hardware
Detection" service to manual startup. Set it to automatic.;EN-US;Q282470


All the Best,

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philo replied on 07-Aug-08 03:10 PM
Just put a floppy in the drive, that sometimes solves ythe problem.
You can later remove it
BigJim replied on 07-Aug-08 03:23 PM
One way to solve the problem is the disable the floppy in the bios or
completely remove it.
New computers do not even come with floppy drives.
Bill in Co. replied on 07-Aug-08 04:06 PM
Some do, or at least can, as an option (if you are smart about it).
BigJim replied on 07-Aug-08 11:10 PM
why do you think it is an option because hardly no one uses floppies any
Only the people who can't let go of the past. Most people who transfer files
use a flash usb drive.
Some younger people don't even know what a floppy is.
Bill in Co. replied on 07-Aug-08 11:18 PM
I hate to clue you in, but it IS still needed, in a few instances.    But
granted, the Average Joe doing his regular stuff may not ever need it.

And yes, I use a flash drive (considerably more often than the floppy!).
Opinicus replied on 08-Aug-08 12:42 AM
Why deprive yourself of an option?

BigJim replied on 08-Aug-08 02:28 AM
good night and have a happy floppy
watha replied on 09-Aug-08 06:39 AM

Shell hardware detection is already set to automatic.  Anything else?