Windows 7 - Intermittent Reboot

Asked By W Wolfe on 11-Sep-08 06:56 PM
Occasionally within 3 - 4 minutes after I turn on my PC, I hear a click, the
monitor goes dark and the system reboots.  I suspect an intermittent in the
power supply, but I would like other opinions before I go out and buy a new
power supply.


W. Wolfe

eckrichc replied on 12-Sep-08 12:41 AM
On pc start-up,tap the F8 key,select safe-mode,enter xp as administrator,
open event viewer & get more details,if you get that far...
Michael W. Ryder replied on 12-Sep-08 12:47 AM
Another possibility is a failing capacitor on the motherboard.  I
recently replaced a motherboard that would suddenly reboot without any
warning or error message in the log.  Inspecting the motherboard showed
a capacitor bulging.  I got a replacement board under warranty and have
had no further problems with the computer.
Paul replied on 12-Sep-08 01:52 AM
There is a picture of a bulging capacitor here. In this example, they
would be on the motherboard, near the processor area. A motherboard in
bad shape like this, could be rebooting itself.