Windows 7 - "Error 8002: Invalid port number"

Asked By Trent SC on 02-Oct-08 10:23 PM
[Windows XP Pro SP3 and up to date]

I've been using Identapop (a small app to identify incoming calls) through
my Zoom V.92 Voice Faxmodem for a couple of years without any problem, but
for the past two weeks or so it's not been firing up properly when I reboot
the computer, instead coming up with the following error message:

error occured at line: 49Press Ctrl-C to copy this error to the clipboard
for tech support.
Abort   Retry   Ignore"

The only option which has any effect is 'Abort', which of course means I'm
unable to monitor my line, and I can't seem to find a definitive answer to
what's going on.

I've tried uninstalling & reinstalling my internal PCI modem (it's a Zoom
V.92 PCI Voice Faxmodem, but I'm not sure of the chipset);  I've also tried
System Restore to no effect and have experimented with alternate COM ports,
but nothing seems to have solved the problem.  I'm pretty certain it's an
issue with Identapop rather than the modem, as the latter is functioning
correctly, and when I took Identapop out of the Start-up group and rebooted,
I had no problems until I double clicked on the Identapop application.

Can anyone suggest to a relative novice what might be wrong and how I might
fix it?

Many thanks in advance.

smlunatick replied on 05-Oct-08 03:16 PM

Did you check for an updated version?  It seems that Microsoft may
have updated a common file that is not complete compatible with the
software.  If there is no update or fix, the software might be