Windows 7 - Video does not show when published (Vista WMM 6.0)

Asked By Sea on 22-Jun-07 02:52 PM
I'm making a video using WMM, and Fraps, the video capturing software. The
audio and the pictures within the video are fine, but the video stops showing
after 2:20 in the video (video is 6:25 long). I have tried several different
methods in trying to fix this, but no matter what I do, the video still stops
at 2:20 and all that is left is a black screen for the rest of the video. I
have worked my tail off on this stupid video and I need this to be fixed,
otherwise I just wasted 2 days in my life.

Thanks in advance. :)

Wojo replied on 22-Jun-07 09:11 PM
Well you said you tried "several different methods" but you don't say what
they were so hopefully we don't cover things you already did.

Since it always stops in the same spot (2:20) then did you simply try
removing the picture at that spot?
I would remove the last one that shows plus the next one as if it is a
corrupt file issue either one of them could be causing the problem.

Also 6:25 isn't all that long but that doesn't necessarily rule out a
complexity issue if there are a lot of images and/or transitions within that
6:25. How many images & transitions are in the project?
If it is a complexity problem then cutting the project into two separate
pieces then bringing the resulting video files together in the end would
likely be the solution. See my website's Movie Maker -> How-To section for a
step by step tutorial on how to do that.

And finally how are you viewing the video when it freezes? In the preview
window or are you viewing a rendered video in your Media Player?
If it is in the preview try saving the video to your computer and playing it
in your media player to see if you get the same result.
If it is in your media player then try saving it from Movie Maker using a
lower setting to see what the result is.
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