Windows 7 - Movie Maker - Blank Black Screen

Asked By Jimbo on 28-Jan-08 03:08 PM
Hi - I've used movie maker many times on my old PC - But now I have an all
singing and all dancing vista bit of kit it wont work. I can import clips
from the PC or the camera and they appear as they should on the left. I can
drag and drop them to the movie bar at the bottom and they still look good -
But I notice that the preview pain is a blank black screen - The clips when
played give a tiny piece of audio at the start but the preview pain remains
blank and black. I imported the preinstalled vidoes of the bear and the
butterfly and they play as they should...... I'm all upto date with my
microsoft and windows updates and I have seen other postings on the subject
but without any answers...... Any ideas folks?? We really shouldn't have to
do this.... We really shouldn't !!!!

Graham Hughes replied on 29-Jan-08 01:29 PM
What are your file types?
Do you have the latest vista drivers for your graphics card?
Corect version of directX?


Graham Hughes
MVP Digital Media
Dan replied on 27-Mar-08 07:42 AM
I'm having the same problem.  I have been able to use .avi files from my
digital camera without any problems.  Recently I got video capture
software/hardware which worked beautifully to create .mpg files.  They
imported perfectly into Movie Maker.  When I produce the movie to DVD
everything seems fine.  When I put the DVD into my player the scene selection
screen appears as it should with short cuts of the captured video playing as
expected.  But when I actually hit play, all I get is a black screen.  I'm at
a loss.  I tried publishing it to my computer and it does the same thing.  I
bought my laptop about two months ago so I should be up to date on my
Dan L
John Inzer replied on 27-Mar-08 11:27 AM
It's best if you start a new thread whrn you
have a question.

Maybe these articles will offer some ideas:

Movie Maker 2 - Importing MPEG Files

File type compatibility with Movie Maker


How do I convert an mpeg to WMV
with Windows Media Encoder?


John Inzer
Digital Media MVP

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Graham Hughes replied on 29-Mar-08 08:48 AM
See below.


Graham Hughes
MVP Digital Media

What sort of avi file?

Recently I got video capture

What is this?

which worked beautifully to create .mpg files.  They

How do you know everything is fine?
What software are you using to author the dvd?

When I put the DVD into my player the scene selection

Are you using Vista?  This is the xp newsgroup

so I should be up to date on my