Windows 7 - Inability to use Windows Media Player's "Play Speed Settings" with most media

Asked By bobburns on 07-Jan-08 11:47 AM
I wish to use to use Windows Media Player's "Play Speed Settings" with all
media played by it.  I have WMP 11 but the problem existed with WMP 10 (and
maybe earlier version(s) too).  If I play something recorded from my digital
recorder the play speed settings are functional but, as to most recordings
made from others (whether or not professionally done) they do not.  I wish to
vary play speeds to match the pitch of a play-along instrument or to allow
learning of difficult movements being that I am a musician.
appears to unprofessional to address this issue anywhere or to risk its
plutocratic wealth on customer support without a "contract".

Byt replied on 10-Jan-08 12:41 PM
Maybe the tools at below URL will help you to accomplish your tasks.
Audio Editing Tools

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