Windows 7 - Wireless Connection Icon Disappeared!!!

Asked By Dav on 07-Feb-07 07:34 PM
I just used the internet last night, but when I awoke, I found that my
internet is not working...I saw that my screen icon with green signal bars
was missing and my PORT option in device manager is missing.  I am in my Navy
barracks connecting to a sprint navy wifi connection and tried everything I
could think of (even creating different types of connections and etc.)

Lanwench [MVP - Exchange] replied on 08-Feb-07 09:13 AM
Dave <Dave@> typed:

I'm presuming you've rebooted?
Does the wireless network adapter show up in Network Connections?
Check in device manager to make sure your wireless card is still showing up
as a network adapter. If not, try to scan for new hardware - if it's an
external wifi adapter, remove & reinsert it and try again.