Windows 7 - Direct Serial Port Connection between 2 computers.

Asked By BobDe on 05-Mar-07 01:40 AM
I have reached a dead-end in trying to get a laptop to PC communication using
direct serial port (RS232) connection between them. Both have Windows XP SP2
I have installed a null modem (DTE - DTE) link between each serial coms port
with looped back hardware flow control at either end, configured the PC as
'guest' and laptop as 'host'  using "Create New Connection/Advanced" Wizard,
ensured that both protocols are identical (19200 - Hardware control). For
some uknown reason the laptop wants to dial - just not on with RS232, and
brings up error messages associated with modems. I've reversed the roles of
each one with similar results. Has anyone had success with this method of
connection and, if so, could you please offer some advice? Many Thanks.
Bob Deb

Ia replied on 05-Mar-07 03:55 AM
Is there any specific reason to take this route? I just ask as serial (RS232)
is impossibly slow for most modern purposes. Even in the days of the original
8086 IBM PC it was regarded as slow. Your best bet would be a LAN crossover
cable. If that option doesn't exist,  there are ways of doing siimilar things
with a special USB cable.
Poprivet replied on 05-Mar-07 10:35 AM
Try XP's Hyperterminal; it will let you connect/disconnect without dialing.
it is in the Comm group I think.