Windows 7 - Can't connect to my Wireless Network

Asked By bigrod on 03-Apr-07 04:46 PM
I am running Windows XP professional and I recently installed an
Airlink Wirless card.  The router that I am using is a 2wire from SBC
Yahoo DSL with the built in wireless.  When I try to connect to my
wireless network, it just sits there with the message "acquiring
network address."  It never gets assigned an ip address from the
router.  I also have a Dell Laptop that I use for work and it
up to the router using wireless just fine.  I have tried releasing
renewing my ip with no luck.  Can someone be of assistance?  Thanks


Jack \(MVP-Networking\). replied on 03-Apr-07 06:00 PM
Use the computer that works OK to log to the Router's menus.
Make sure that DHCP is On and can provide few IPs  (reqd the Router manul
for instructions).
If you do not want an automatuclly assigned IP, configure a Static IP on the
new Wireless computer.
What ever Wireless security is used for the current working computer has to
be configured on the new Wireless computer too.
May be this can Help in the proccess.
My Wireless does not work -
Wireless, Basic Configuration -
Wireless Security -
Jack (MVP-Networking).
bigrod replied on 03-Apr-07 06:05 PM
On Apr 3, 5:00 pm, "Jack \(MVP-Networking\)."

Thanks Jack for the reply.

I logged into the console for my 2wire console and enabled the DHCP
setting.  From there, I set the IP range from to

Now this is probably where I got a little confused.  If I enable DHCP
on my router, do I also enable it on the wireless network connection
that I am configuring?

After I set the IP range, I went back to the client computer and put
in static IP of  It connected to the router after a
minute or so.  I launched an IE browser and got the lovely "this page
can not be displayed" error.

I thought I may have goofed up your instructions so I went back and
took out the IP address and that didn't work.  Please advise.