Windows 7 - Mapped drive won't reconnect at logon

Asked By Oli on 15-May-07 11:12 PM
Hi I have the same problem as reported by a few others here but I have
5 laptops (all identical Dells running xp sp2), all of which connect
to a shared drive on a 2k3 server using individual (active directory)
login credentials (from the same server).

I mapped the z: to point to the shared file, specified the login name
and password and ticked the reconnect at logon option.

3 of the laptops reconnect without any problems every single time.

2 fail to connect and the password has to be manually entered

I have tried disconnecting and remapping the drive.

I have tried resetting the passwords on the server.

All to no avail.

Anyone got any ideas? I want to avoid setting up logon scripts if
possible (after all this method works without a hitch for the majority
of users!!)

CreateWindow replied on 15-May-07 11:41 PM
Hi Oli,

What happens when you map using \\\share  ?
Instead of \\server\share  that is.

Also, login scripts are a beautiful thing (imho).

Oli replied on 24-May-07 01:21 AM
Instead of \\server\share  that is."

Same problem, it connects once, but when I reboot it requires a
password again..
Malke replied on 24-May-07 08:21 AM
Just to be sure, those problem computers are running XP Pro, yes?

Elephant Boy Computers
MS-MVP Windows - Shell/User
Oli replied on 05-Jun-07 09:12 PM
Correct - all running XP
ob replied on 07-Sep-07 05:54 PM
I have the same problem.  I have one computer using Vista business that works
fine.  The other two have Vista home and i have to manually enter the server
logon each time.  Do i need to upgrade them to the Business edition?
Chad Hoffman replied to Oli on 22-Dec-10 10:05 AM
I am having the same issue. I relize that this post is older than three years; however, I am having the exact same issue. Did this ever get resolved? If so and you can remember would you please let me know?