Windows 7 - User locked out of network

Asked By havenla on 30-May-07 07:09 PM
I have a user who is currently in another country.  She is locked out of the
system and she cannot gain access to system unless the password is reset.
I have reset her XP password but, the problem still exist with the continuous
lock outs every morning.  She has tried logging out at night but the password
still requires reset in the monring.  Any ideas would be brilliant.

AJR replied on 31-May-07 10:14 AM
Have you checked the password policy settings? Mostly the requirement to
change password at next logon is selected.
Ron Lowe replied on 31-May-07 01:07 PM
You say re-setting her *XP* password, but do you really mean re-setting her
*domain* password?
If you are re-setting the local XP password, how are you doing that?
Assuming you actually meant domain password, then:

If a user's password is continually being locked out after a password
change, that usually indicates that the old password has been cached
someplace and something is trying to auto-reconnect with the old password.

A second PC is a common cause: has the user left another workstation logged
on someplace with her old password?   It will attempt to re-connect mapped
drives etc with the old password and lock out the account.

Another place is in a wireless profile where old passwords may be stored.

Basically, the user needs to remember where she has stored her old password.

havenla replied on 31-May-07 06:23 PM
Thanks for the reply

Password policy is every 3 months globally
havenla replied on 31-May-07 06:26 PM
Thanks for the reply

Yes it is the domain password

I will try that tomorrow

Thanks again