Windows 7 - file missing netsvcs

Asked By kolso on 28-Oct-07 08:47 AM
My xp home edition is looking for netsvcs file to start a group of services.
I searched my computer for this file and none was found. will someone sent it
to my or let me know where I can download it. I went through the trouble of
uninstalling xp sp2 so I could use my orginal xp disk and ran the fix system
and didn't work. Spent the last two days reloasding all the service packs and
updates. Can someome help me?


Steven L Umbach replied on 28-Oct-07 03:18 PM
Try reinstalling SP2 being sure to disconnect from the internet and
disabling any antivirus and spyware protection programs first. Your computer
needs to be free from viruses and spyware before you install SP2.

kolso replied on 30-Oct-07 09:59 AM
"Steven L Umbach" wrote:
Steven L Umbach replied on 30-Oct-07 10:33 PM
What services can you not start?