Windows 7 - Issues with Internet services whilst using VPN

Asked By RitchieJHick on 03-Apr-08 06:17 AM

I have a home workgroup called "Workgroup" which runs 3xWin XP SP2 machines.

I use one of the machines to deal in remotely to my place of work via VPN
(Nortel VPN) via my ADSL line. As soon as connect to my place of work on the
machine, I lose the ability to see other devices on my network. My internet
connection is then via my works network instead of my own.

My question is:
1.) Can I set up my PC so that I still use my own internet connects when on
VPN? and;
2.) How can I see my home network devices whilst connected via VPN to my
companies network?


Sooner Al [MVP] replied on 03-Apr-08 09:07 AM
That is the "split tunnel" issue and can be configured on the server side
(OpenVPN for example) or the client side (MSFT PPTP VPN for example), ie.
force all client traffic through the VPN only or allow simultaneous traffic
through the VPN and your local network. So it depends on what VPN your
using. In your case I would check the Nortel users manuals or your work
network administrators for help. They may disable access to your local
network while connected to the work VPN server as a security measure.


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Robert L. \(MS-MVP\) replied on 03-Apr-08 09:12 AM
Sure, disable the use default gateway in remote network. This search result
may help.

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access the internal server when remote client establishes VPN Can't access
the Internet while using ...

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RitchieJHick replied on 03-Apr-08 09:33 AM
I have just checked and sure enough, they do disable access to our network
whilst connected.

What a pain...