Windows 7 - I lost my user profile! What to do?!?!?!

Asked By Dmitry Bond. on 07-Apr-08 12:34 AM
Hi All.

Please help - I just lost my user profile in WinXP.
I logged in as usual with domain user - DOMAX\dmitry_b but everything
I had configured disapeared! :-(((
No mail accounts, no my settings, only default windows theme, no links
to applications I added, etc.
Examining environement (command "set" in "cmd.exe") I found that path
to current user profile is not

but the

Perhaps it is the reason why I lost all my settings - Windows not
linked my exiting profie folder - dmitry_b with me.
But why?! From day to day I logged in with the same user and all was
fine. Yesterday evening I worked - all was fine. But now...



Help me please.
I do not want to lost lot of time configuring lot of things again...

Any - why Windows done such thing?


Uncle Kenny replied on 06-Apr-08 04:41 PM
Run a chkdsk/f.
Dmitry Bond. replied on 09-Apr-08 07:02 AM
Tried checkdsk/f. It reported "no errors found".
But finally all finished fine - I rebooted computer and it found the
right profile.
Before this I tried logoff/logon but without success - it was always
logged in to the wrong profile.
Now seems all is ok.
Except an issue with outlook 2003, which tried to create extra inbox -
now I have duplicated items in my Exchange main inbox - 2 inboxes, 2
calendars, 2 tasks, etc. :-\
Of course it is inconvenient, but it is better than reconfiguring
whole profile from scratch.

Seems, Windows XP unable to leave so long time - 2 years. Have to
reinstall. ;) Maybe I'll found some time in a month or two...
Donna Carson replied on 03-Jul-08 10:37 AM
Ilost my user profile and cannot get into anything.
Lanwench [MVP - Exchange] replied on 08-Jul-08 09:42 AM
Hi, Donna - sorry, but that is not enough info to go on.

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