Windows 7 - Cannot connect with a LAN (DSL) in XP...

Asked By Clydefrog196 on 14-Sep-08 04:26 PM
E-Machines laptop will not connect to the internet using the same
connection I use on my desk top.  Of course I rebooted the modem and all the
basic stuff and all the settings are right but it will one receive and not
send. I also have an unknown network adapter popping up with no drivers for
it if that could be the issue.

Lanwench [MVP - Exchange] replied on 14-Sep-08 08:21 PM
Yes, that could be the issue. Load the drivers from the manufacturer's
website. Then run an ipconfig /all to make sure you've got a valid IP
address, and try pinging your gateway, a DNS server, and something by name
(e.g., If that works, open a browser.
Jack \(MVP-Networking\). replied on 14-Sep-08 08:37 PM
Two computers on the same Internet connection need Router.
If you are using them one at the time, it might be that while the desktop is
set to authenticate the connection (ID & PW), the laptop is not.
To check the laptop's network configuration follow the process on this page.
Jack (MS, MVP-Networking)
smlunatick replied on 17-Sep-08 06:39 AM
On Sep 14, 9:26=A0pm, Clydefrog1969
l the

The unknown network adapter may be the USB port on the DSL modem.
These require a driver so this may be the reason why you can not see
the Internet.

You need to understand that most DSL modems can not normally have both
the USB port and the Ethernet jack used at the same time.  To share
the modem between more than one PC, use a broadband router.