Windows 7 - internet gateway, invoke router

Asked By Phi on 08-Oct-08 07:52 PM
Please help, i cannot make the internet gateway icon appear in network
connections or network places.  It used to appear in both these locations.

Is there a way to bring back the internet gateway icon? or a trick to invoke
a router with command line?

I am connected to a NETGEAR WGR614v9 wireless router.  I am connected via
ethernet cable.  the router has custom virgin media firmware. so i cannot
access any firewall setting, or find a default login and password to use.

So i either need to get the internet gateway icon back, or find a special
way to invoke a router.  Any ideas?  Thanks in advance!

smlunatick replied on 11-Oct-08 12:37 PM

The Internet gateway icon "usually" appears when the UPNP option is
enabled on most routers.
Phi replied on 10-Oct-08 05:59 PM
Thanks for the suggestion. I know the router supports Upnp because the icon
has appeared in the past.  but since the router has custom firmware theres no
obvious option to change any router setting at all.  so i cant manually
change any of the router setting, unless i can invoke the router to change
its firewall exceptions for programs and ports.  Any other ideas?
smlunatick replied on 11-Oct-08 12:37 PM
res no
ed via

The original style firmwares all had a web page accessable with any
browser by using the default gateway IP address (ipconfig) as the
Pastor Dave replied on 11-Oct-08 12:11 AM
On Fri, 10 Oct 2008 14:59:01 -0700, Phil

Since you top posted (no offense, but it's rude in usenet),
I didn't read the whole post.  But FYI, personally, I don't
use uPnP, because it has security holes.  But what kind of
router do you have, that doesn't allow for configuration?

Are you sure that's it and not you just not knowing how?
Phi replied on 11-Oct-08 04:57 PM
Ok, sorry didnt know about the top posting thing.
So, im going to  just buy a router that works the way i want it to.  I think
this router with custom virgin firmware is brutally limited as to setting up
networks how one  would normally.  Thanks for the suggestions and advice.  I
think my problem is the router, so...

Solution: replace router!

I was thinking of flashing the router with original firmware somehow. its a
good router and a shame to be let down by such bad virgin firmware.  Anyway ,
thanks to you all again,
Pastor Dave replied on 11-Oct-08 11:59 PM
On Sat, 11 Oct 2008 13:57:00 -0700, Phil

A nice LinkSys with SpeedBooster would be a nice choice.
They're owned by Cisco now. :)


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smlunatick replied on 16-Oct-08 08:32 PM
theres no
I think
ice. =A0I
yway ,

Flashing the router is usually done withon the web pages of the router
configuration.  If you can not acces these, then it may not be
possible to flash it.