Windows 7 - Laptop NIC / Wireless not connecting to network

Asked By Vinnypi on 20-Oct-08 12:08 PM
The NIC (Broadcom 440x 10/100 Integrated Controller) does not allow
internet connectivity. The network connections screen states that it is
but does not pass thru. The network connections are as follows:

A NetExtender (Sonicwall VPN Connector) is disabled

Verizon NationalAccess Broadband Access is disconnected

Wireless Network Connection is disabled

Local Area Connection is connected

1394 Connection is disabled

Now, the kicker is I can connect to a wireless network when enabled, but
not my own. I can access other wireless connections in the area, but our own
business wireless does not give me an IP address (this is the only laptop
in the company that does this behavior). I have tried updating the driver
from Dell and checked firewall settings and they are consistent with similar
laptop configurations.

What else can I check to verify why the NIC or Wireless will not connect
to my local network OR is it hardware related?

Robert L. \(MS-MVP\) replied on 20-Oct-08 07:41 PM
Posting the result of ipconfig /all may help.

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