Windows 7 - File and printer sharing

Asked By Mobius on 10-Feb-09 04:20 PM
We have four Windows XP Pro SP2 machines connected on a LAN. They all are
auto-logged on with identical user credentials.

There are a couple of printers attached to one of them. These printers have
sharing enabled and security settings set to allow everyone full control.

While the other three machines can see the printers on the fourth, they
cannot 'connect' to it when the add-printer procedure is run. They are also
not automatically discovered at log on.

All machines had the network wizard run to make sure that workgroup name
was identical and file and printer sharing was turned on.

Also, the PC with the printers attached  has a folder set to be shareable by
everyone with full control. This too can be 'seen' by the other machines but
we get a 'not-permitted' error when accessis tried.

We would also like the printer and file sharing to work when other users are
logged on the machines.

BTW, all four machines are connected through a switch that is fed by a DSL
router. There is no Internet access problem with any.

Any help in resolving this issue would be gratefully appreciated.

Regards and TIA.


Robert L. \(MS-MVP\) replied on 11-Feb-09 11:35 AM
Are all "identical user credentials" using the same password and no blank

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Mobius replied on 11-Feb-09 12:04 PM
Yes. It is the same password.