Windows 7 - Copying files with a crossover cable

Asked By Burton on 31-Jul-07 07:28 PM
Can anyone please give me easy instructions on how to copy files (mainly
pictures, music and video files) to another computer using a crossover
cable?  Both PCs are running XP HE SP2.

I just can't get it to work, and now a family member has asked my help in
copying files from her old XP HE SP2 machine to a new Vista laptop - will
the process be the same as for XP machines?

Many thanks,

Rich Barry replied on 31-Jul-07 11:43 PM
This might help
JS replied on 31-Jul-07 11:44 PM
I know this is not the answer you are looking for but have you considered
burning these files to CDs or DVDs as a means of migrating.
As a bonus these CD/DVDs also serve as a backup copy of the files just in
case there are problems down the road.

Burton replied on 01-Aug-07 07:09 AM
Thanks, Rich that is a good article.
Burton replied on 01-Aug-07 07:11 AM
I had not thought of that, JS - I have suggested perhaps a small external USB
hard drive, I just need to persuade my cousin to buy one!
JS replied on 01-Aug-07 11:03 AM
Whatever method you use, do not delete the originals until you are
absolutely certain that the files on the newer PC are OK.

Nepatsfan replied on 01-Aug-07 05:37 PM
You might find this article helpful.

Keep in mind that you will have to configure any firewall
programs to allow file sharing over the local network.

Good luck