Windows 7 - fatal execution error

Asked By MI on 06-Sep-07 05:00 PM
eveytime I start my computer and my preferences are loaded, I get this error
message: fatal execution engine error (0x7927e03c), then I say ok, and I get
this error: hpqthb08.exe-commom language runtime debugging services ; process
id-0xade(2780) thread id- 0xaco(2784)
then says registered JIT debugger not available.
can anyone please help me?

mesomewher replied on 09-Sep-07 02:46 AM
This seems to be like what happened when I had IE7 problems. Adobe Flash
Player needed a cleanup and a reinstall. Use the Flash Player removal tool
from, I can post back with a link to n Adobe webpage n their forum
soon. Then clean out the Macromedia folder which is in the Windows32 folder.
Then install the latest Flash Player.
I got the message Debugger couldn't open or somethin alike after another
similar message about IE7 not closing.
I didn't know I had Flash Player installed because I never saw it install
but Iknew it was used in earlier installations.
Scrip replied on 10-Sep-07 07:32 AM
hpqthb08.exe - Startup app for HP Imaging when you have an All-in-one PSC.
see -
Try this.
Open your Startup folder and Right-drag the (usually) two HP shortcuts onto
the desktop using Move Here. Reboot. These files are unnecessarily loaded
every time Windows starts. (Your PSC will run fine without them loading at
Reboot. OK? Then go to Add/Remove and see if the Image Zone entry, if
present, has a change/repair option. If not, uninstall/reinstall it, turning
off all other programs in the tray, first. If you don't have the disc, or
maybe even if you do, go to HP downloads and get the latest version (it's
free); remove all the printer software, then install the new version.Delete
the shortcuts you moved to the desktop.
mesomewher replied on 10-Sep-07 04:20 PM suggestion is probably irrelevant to your problem....however I am
surprisedthat somehow my computer has a version 6 Adobe Macromedia Flash
Player in that I did not download straight after a reinstallation of Windows
XP Home Edition SP2...