Windows 7 - Security center has been turned off? How do you turn it back on?

Asked By pavorodd on 22-Feb-08 04:21 PM
HI all,

Until I get to my mothers house, after work, this is all the information I
have to go one rite now..

Gateway PC, Win XP SP2, pentium 4; 3.2GHz, 1 gig ram...

Not much to go on, and I am hoping that this is all youz guyz may need....

The problem:

She first noticed that her Norton Internet Security 08 icon wasn't loading,
I told her to reboot the PC, and it turned back on.  Then I told her to check
the security center to see what that looks like.... I'll be the first to
admit it may not be the next best option to go to next, but I didn't want to
frustrate things..

Well as it turns out there is a 3 line text at the top that says, basically,
that the security center service has either been stopped or turned off, and
is no longer active.  Automatic updates shows that it is working, Norton says
it is all secure...  But the firewall had been turned off..

I won't be able to get to the PC till about 6pm central time, USA.  Again, I
am sorry for this little bit of info....

Can you help me thus far?   AND A BIG THANX For all YOUR time and effort in
this issue!!  ;)  :)

Ronaldo replied on 22-Feb-08 05:57 PM
Go to Control Panel\Management Tools\Services\double click on Security
Center Service and click on Start button, also check that the service
running mode is in automatic and also check if the Remote Procedure Call
Service is running cause on this service depend a number of other services
and on those services depend others in turn, and the antivirus service and
the firewall service are among those dependant services.

You should also run several antispyware and antivirus programs to eradicate
a possible infection that may have disabled at least the Security Center

For possible infection run Adaware and Spybot Search & Destroy antispyware
applications and for viral infection update your antivirus before a scan and
also run an online scan.

Adaware 2007

Spybot Search & Destroy

Online antivirus scan

MowGreen [MVP] replied on 27-Feb-08 12:55 PM
Norton Internet Security 08 has it's own security center and disables
the native Windows Security Center and firewall. It also contains it's
own firewall.
Perhaps Mom is confused by the two.
Since you haven't posted back after visiting her, I'd bet that's what
the situation was, just confusion on her part.

MowGreen  [MVP 2003-2008]
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Kaj replied on 26-Mar-08 01:33 PM
Well first of all I reccommend you ditch Norton.  It is not a good program.
It runs a lot of applications in the backround causing your computer to slow
and if something gets by it which could easily happen you have to pay
Symantec to remove it.  I would reccommend unistalling Norton and use Avast
anti Virus.  Their website is:  As for your other issue I am
not sure why the security center is not running but go to start, control
panel, security center and turn on what is off.  Let me know if this helps.
Best regards,