Windows 7 - msconfig is missing

Asked By adawnligh on 17-Jan-09 12:50 PM
when i try to run msconfig It tels me it cant find msconfig.
I do not know how or why it dissapeard .
Can i get it back ?  How ?

Unknown replied on 17-Jan-09 01:03 PM
Instead of trying to run it, have you tried to search for it?
Bruce Chambers replied on 17-Jan-09 01:24 PM
Have you actually looked in C:\Windows\System32 folder to determine
whether or not the file (msconfig.exe) is truly missing?

It might simply be that your Path Statement is screwed up, and
lacking the normal entries for WinXP's system folders.  Therefore, WinXP
doesn't know how to find the applications.

It should look something like this:


To edit the Path, right-click My Computer > Properties > Advanced >
Environmental Variables.  In the System Variables windows, highlight


Bruce Chambers

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Ronaldo replied on 17-Jan-09 05:09 PM
Look for the file in:  C:\WINDOWS\PCHealth\HelpCtr\Binaries\msconfig.exe  if
the file is missing, it may have been deleted by a spyware or trojan.. so
scan the system with an antitrojan-spyware, and get a copy from another
system or google for a download and paste it in the Binaries folder. If you
can't find a copy of the file, someone here can upload one and provide you
with the link to download it.

Ronaldo replied on 17-Jan-09 05:31 PM
Skip the previous filehost link

tauraria replied on 18-Jan-09 09:39 PM

msconfig.exe can be expanded from the original CD. No need for anyone to
upload anything.

Open the command prompt window, insert the XP CD and enter:

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guarantees and doesn''t give any rights.
Ronaldo replied on 19-Jan-09 01:14 PM
Or you can use Recuva or any other deleted files restore application to
recover the missing file

Ronaldo replied on 19-Jan-09 01:14 PM
Thanks for the tip, it is appreciated.. but suppose the OP does not own a CD?

tauraria replied on 19-Jan-09 05:52 PM
All systems should have some method of restoring the OS, whether it's a
hidden partition or a disk.

If they don't have a disk, they could contact the manufacturer and get one
from them, they may have a hidden partition that they can access to obtain
the file.
Having no disk makes minor repairs almost impossible.
Disclaimer: The information has been posted "as is" with no warranties or
guarantees and doesn''t give any rights.
John Smith replied on 14-Feb-09 11:51 AM