Windows 7 - Finding network drives SLOW

Asked By Pete on 16-Feb-07 06:00 AM

I'm using Windows XP SP1 at work on a corporate LAN.

I have a number of network drives and to speed up my startup, I run a batch
file at startup that subst's the network paths to drive letters so they only
connect when I use them (because Windows is too stupid to do this

But unlike my colleagues using the same build and same LAN, when I connect
to a betwork drive, it can take up to 10-15 minutes before the explorer
window for that network drive is displayed.

My colleagues, they explorer window is immediate.

Does anyone have any clues as to why my machine might be so slow at this -
are there any settings I can check or registry settings I can play with to
perhaps resolve this issue?

I'd use our IT department but frankly, they're hopeless.


Maincat replied on 17-Feb-07 07:02 AM
Firstly, I find it alarming that you are still using SP1.  How do you get
your security updates?
Secondly, why not just map the drives and not use your batch file?
Pete replied on 23-Feb-07 03:43 PM
It's a work computer, I have no say on what version of Windows we use, it's
all controlled by our IT department, you'd need to ask them that question.

As for mapping, well I did that originally, but I have about 12 mapped
drives and Windows tries to connect to each of them upon startup. When I did
this, the computer took literally 25-30 minutes to start up, which was
obviously not practical.

By doing it in a batch file, I only have to connect to those drives I need
(as I don't use all drives every day).