Windows 7 - destructive system recovery

Asked By coba1 on 16-Feb-07 10:49 AM
Here is what happened first i wanted to delete some files from my
computer but they would not delete even after I did the restore thing
where you restore to a later date. So I did a non-destructive system
recovery, that did not work. So I did a full( destructive) sysytem
recovery.  it deleted the files that I wanted to be deleted but it
also delete word, powerpoint, microsoft works and when i tried to
install one of my games it said i could not play because i did not
have the correct audio whatever.
So i looked on the internet for file recovery programs to get that
stuff back but that did not work.  so I did another system recovery to
see if it will install the programs.  but when the computer rebooted
it said that the system32 file was either corrupt of missing so I cant
load window XP.
So i called tech support and he said i needed a new hard drive.  So I
wanted to know do I really need to get a new hard drive, is it cheaper
to put on in myself, or to get a whole new tower?  and also if i do
get a new hard drive will I get the programs such as word, powerpoint,
cyberlink dvd player and so on install back on my computer or are
those programs lost forever?  it would nice if someone could help me
with this problem because i am a college student and i cant live or do
school work without a computer.

coba1 replied on 16-Feb-07 10:52 AM
I forgot to say that I have an eMachine D3107
peter replied on 17-Feb-07 11:28 AM
So you basically used the "restore"CD from the manufacturer to set the
machine back to when you first bought it.
If none of those programs came with the machine you will need to reinstall
them from the CD's that you bought.
If they came with the machine you might have another CD that has those
programs on it as well as the drivers for your Mobo,video and sound.Usually
these drivers can also be downloaded from the manufactures website using a
search on the model # of your system.............
If you know the model of HD you can go to their website and download a test
program that will show if your HD is on its way out.Buying a new HD will not
give you back what your missing unless you have the installation CD for
these programs and drivers.