Windows 7 - Failed to get session notifications.

Asked By John A Grandy on 21-Feb-08 07:45 AM
Everytime I restart there is a little box that says "Failed to get session
notifications."  The only option is "Ok".

What is this ?  What should I do ?

Leonard Grey replied on 21-Feb-08 09:29 AM

1- If you have anti-virus and anti-spyware programs already installed on
your computer, update the programs and scan your computer. With luck,
the programs will detect and remove the problem.

2- If the scan doesn't produce results, contact the program's technical
support. Most of the major anti-virus/spyware programs will help you to
remove an infection that their software did not detect.

3- Scan your system with /several/ of the better free online scanners,
such as (no order implied):

Kaspersky Antivirus (
NOD32 ( - free 30-day trial
Trend Micro Housecall (
Panda ActiveScan (
Avast! (
GrisSoft AVG (

4- HijackThis is a hijacker detector and remover, but expanded with a
lot of other checks against hijacker tricks. It is continually updated
to detect and remove new hijacks. More information here:

You can post your HiJack This logs in several forums (NOT here), such as
this one:

If none of the above remove the malware, you may want to show the
computer to a professional.

There may be nothing you can do to remove an infection, no matter what
you  try. That's because some infections compromise your computer to the
point  where you can no longer rely on what the operating system is
telling you.  Rootkits are an example of this kind of infection. In that
case, your only way out is to erase your hard disk and reinstall
everything from scratch.

Leonard Grey
Errare humanum est
John A Grandy replied on 21-Feb-08 10:42 AM
Which product do you think is best ( most worth paying for ) ?

Do you like PC Tools ?
John A Grandy replied on 23-Feb-08 04:22 PM
Well, this problem is getting much worse for my laptop.

I can no longer connect to the inet ( iexplore.exe just hangs on startup ).

Apparently, the "Failed to get session notifications." message is related to
some Toshiba utilities (pinger.exe I think) that attempt to connect to the
inet on startup.

Some anti-malware is hanging :

PC Tools Intelli-scan consistently freezes-up when it's 38% through
inspecting start-up points.

Windows Defender Quick-scan hangs almost immediately while it is apparently
scanning it's own executable : C:\Program Files\Windows Defender\MsMpEng.exe

AdAware Smart-scan and Full-scan run successfully but find nothing.

Additionally, Explorer frequently freezes-up after a little bit of use, and
even the start menu sometimes freezes up, plus I cannot soft reboot : it
hangs on "Windows is shutting-down ..."