Windows 7 - delete temp files rundll32.exe not responding

Asked By Hele on 26-Aug-08 08:51 PM
deleting temp files doesn't quit running.  Turning off Win XP causes several
apps to end--except rundll32.exe.  I get message it is not responding. I
click on ending it.
I can restart ok.  Same thing happens again. I can find the file doing a
search.  If the file is messed up--how do I replace it?

eckrichc replied on 27-Aug-08 12:24 AM
Which temp files,thier are several....Try,tapping the F8 key on pc start-up,
select safe mode,enter xp as administrator,go to run,type:%Temp%  Go to
edit,select all,delete all,close out.Return to run,type:C:\WINDOWS\Temp
Select all,delete all,(all will not delete,a few are in use),once
thru,close out.
Run diskcleanup utility.
nas replied on 27-Aug-08 06:11 AM
Go through these Cleaning steps:
1... First, try to clean up your caches, Internet files and delete cookies
by doing this:
Click Start >> Control Panel >> Double click Network and Internet
Connections >> Double click Internet Options.
On the IE properties windows you will see these Tabs:
General | Security | Privacy | Content | Connections | Programs |
Under General Tab clear your History, Internet Files and Cookies.
Then click on Advanced tab and scroll down to under the Browsing Option:
[&] Browsing
[ ] Enable Third-Party browser extensions (Req Rest) uncheck this box.
Then click on Programs Tab and click Manage Add-Ons and Disable all non
Verified Add-Ons (You should Renable them later one-by-one and see the
culprit and update it or remove it.
How to manage Add-Ons:
Scan for malware from here:
SuperAntispyware - Free

Run a scan from here on-line:
Download Avast Cleaner (offline scanner) from here:

Run disk clean up on your Drive.
You can download this tool o run clean up:
Comodo BOClean : Anti-Malware Version 4.27

Run disk cleanup and then this command:
sfc  /scannow
Hele replied on 29-Aug-08 07:46 PM
HiAndrew, Thanks for your reply.  My problem was that I could not run disk
cleanup.   It would not quit and locked up keyboard etc.
Aolved the problem by downloading and running ccleaner.  Only then woudl
disk cleanup run.
Hele replied on 29-Aug-08 07:52 PM
Hi, Thanks for your reply and help.  What finally worked was running
ccleaner.  I can't believe it removed 1,507.5 MB of stuff.  Took 6923
seconds.  I was in the habit of deleting history and cookies, etc every week
or so.  It puzzles me where ccleaner found all the stuff to delete.