Windows 7 - Help! how do I enable the parallel port?

Asked By To on 15-Nov-08 01:29 PM
I am running Win home ed x64 with SP3.
I am trying to enable the parallel port, but cannot seem to do it.
PORTS (COM&LPT) were hidden in the device manager listings so, I ammended
the Environmrnt variables to show the missing Device manger items, however
the ECP Printer Port LPT1 is greyed out.
LPT1 is not listed in the BIOS, so I cannot enable the parallel port there.
I tried to regedit settings for HKEY\local
mach\system\currentcontrolset\services paraport, the start variable has a
setting of 3.
What I dont know is, if this disables the parallel port or what the value is
to enable it.
I am trying to enable the port to run a HP Laserjet 5L which works fine, on
another PC running Win XP Prof, SP3; where the PC sees it immediately.

Please can anyone help?

Jerry replied on 16-Nov-08 12:11 AM
You cannot enable the parallel port in Windows if the BIOS does not have a
option to turn the port on. Many motherboards no longer with serial or
parallel ports - are you sure they are on yours?
Frank-FL replied on 29-Nov-08 10:05 PM
Does your motherboard even have a parallel port?
I never have even heard of win home ed x64.
Windows XP Professional has a x64 edition.