Windows 7 - replace hard drive using Xcopy32

Asked By titus12 on 10-Dec-08 05:47 PM
I am hearing noise from my hard drive and I am going to replace it.  I read
that the Xcopy32  command is a good program to use. Will this work well with
WinXP SP3?  Will everything be the same as on the old hard drive?  If so,
what steps should I use?

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Ken Blake, MVP replied on 10-Dec-08 06:07 PM
To copy everything from the old drive to the new one? No, it won't

You need a third-party utility such as Acronis True Image. Also the
new drive will probably come with a utility which will do this.

Ken Blake, Microsoft MVP - Windows Desktop Experience
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eckrichc replied on 10-Dec-08 10:02 PM
Youre last response to XCOPY is totally not true...XCOPY works perfect with
xp,all youre current data will end up on a new hd as it is now.Also,as for
utilities for hd copy,in most cases (98%),they will not work in xp due to xps
security features,older windows OS work ok with them.As for running XCOPY,
simply set youre new hd as slave to current on same IDE cable,new closest to
MB.Once in xp,format the hd (diskmgmt.msc),once thru,go to run,type:
XCOPY C:\*.* D:\ /c/h/e/k/r  Agree to all in the DOS window.Once its
finished,& the new hd is ready to run.Also,D: being the new hd,if asigned
letter,then use that letter instead.This only works with IDE hds,SATA
space the cmd as shown,one after  Y  * & between \ /
Leonard Grey replied on 11-Dec-08 02:18 AM
Xcopy32 will not accomplish what you want. If you are buying a retail
drive it will come with instructions and software that will copy
everything from the old drive to the new, including parts of the disk
that xcopy doesn't copy. In addition, all the major disk makers provide
handholding-type help for setting up your new drive.

It's real'll do fine.
Leonard Grey
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Ken Blake, MVP replied on 11-Dec-08 01:01 PM
That's completely false.

Also completely false.

Ken Blake, Microsoft MVP - Windows Desktop Experience
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Anteau replied on 15-Dec-08 03:54 AM
XCOPY32 C:\*.* D:\ /e /c /h /r /k

will work IF run from a CD-OS such as BartPE, or by putting both disks onto
another computer as slaves. It will NOT work if run on the parent machine,
because XP 'locks open' certain files. After the transfer you need to run
fixboot from the recovery console, as the copy process doesn't update to

Or, get Acronis, etc.