Windows 7 - Windows XP Home SP2 Freeze when resuming from standby

Asked By GabrielX on 22-Mar-09 06:39 PM
This started happening a couple weeks ago, and I don't know what could be the
problem , suddenly one day ( It was set to stand by every hour) When I come
back,  and resume from stand by, I see that it takes a while longer to get
the monitor on, and, finally when the screen appears, everything is frozen!
so I had to do a hard shutdown (at first I waited about 10 minutes) and I
restarted and tried it again, and the same thing happened. It has been
happening since then and I don’t know what could be wrong. I know it's not
spyware or a virus, since I have nod32 updated to the most recent virus
signature, and zone alarm security suite (recently updated to the new version
, I  don’t know if it has nothing to do with it). The program that I think
might of messed up is perfectdisk, I had recently downloaded a free trial
because I was seeing a performance break and I saw that my hard disk was
really fragmented, especially the system files which windows defrag doesn't
work on. so I did the "smartplacement" with all files including system files
(offline defrag) and the computer just got slower, and I wasn’t happy to see
that my MFT zone had been messed up, leaving no space reserved, and the Sims
2 continuous with the MFT, as well as a slideshow I had opened that day
(found this out later using o&o) I think it has to with that, but I’m not
sure, although they did happen at very close times (offline defrag and
standby freeze problem). looking in the system event viewer, all i could see
at that time ,was: the following boot time drivers have failed to load:
MPFIREWL and PARTIZAN, which after doing research was left even more clueless
than before. I hope someone can help me , I would be very thankful!


PS. sorry if it was too long and boring, I have spent hours on trying to fix
this, and I am a little sleepless!

Again thank you for your help!

Gerry replied on 23-Mar-09 05:08 AM

How much free disk space on your C drive after doing what follows?

Select Start, All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, Disk CleanUp to Empty
your Recycle Bin and Remove Temporary Internet Files. Also select Start, All
Programs, accessories, System Tools, Disk CleanUp, More Options, System
Restore and remove all but the latest System Restore point.

A Report from Disk Defragmenter would also be helpful. You only need to use
the Analyse option. Open Disk Defragmenter and click on Analyse. Select
View Report and click on Save As and Save. Now find VolumeC.txt in your My
Documents Folder and post a copy. Do this before running Disk Defragmenter
as it is more informative.


Hope  this helps.

Stourport, England
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susie.soli replied on 25-Mar-09 12:35 AM
Hi Gabriel,

I am with PerfectDisk Technical Support.

PerfectDisk is used to increase system performance. If you are having
degradation issues after using PerfectDisk then please contact support
directly here:

To eliminate PerfectDisk from the freezing issue, simply uninstall it
and try going in and out of stand by. If it still freezes then
PerfectDisk may not be the issue.

Regarding the MFT:

The MFT reserved zone is free space reserved by Windows after the
Master File Table to allow the MFT to grow without fragmenting.
Windows attempts to reserve 12.5% of the disk for your reserved zone.
PerfectDisk's offline defragmentation will attempt to shrink the
reserved zone to between 50 and 500MB. If it drops below 50MB,
PerfectDisk will grow it to 500MB, and wait for it to fill up again.
This allows you more room for your data files.

PerfectDisk also places the MFT and MFT reserved zone about 1/3 of to
the way into the drive. Microsoft has stated in doing so can result in
a 5-10% performance increase.

If you have any questions or additional issues then please contact us
directly. Thanks!