Windows 7 - pc wont go past black F8 screen and recovery doesnt work

Asked By pcampo on 01-Mar-10 09:54 AM
I updated my Eusing Free Registry Cleaner  and once completed it said to
restart my computer. I did the restart and now it will not let me go pass the
black f8 screen. It just keeps looping back to it. I tried all options (start
windows normally-safe mode-last known working config., safemode w/command
etc.) to restart windows and it do not work. I then tried to do a system
recovery and it says error2:c:\mining\system32\restore.log.missing.  Then I
tried with the recovery disk and it said corrupt or missing please reinstall
\system32\ntoskrnl.exe.  I know nothing about fixing computers and have no
clue why this happened. Please help???

Leonard Grey replied to pcampo on 01-Mar-10 10:12 AM
Now you know why we say, again and again, that registry cleaners are
unnecessary and dangerous.

You are also discovering why we say, again and again, how important it
is to backup.

Two lessons learned the hard way. Do yourself a favor: Learn from your

Since you admit to knowing nothing about fixing computers, your wisest
course of action is to show your computer to a professional. Don't try
to fix it on your own.
Leonard Grey
Errare humanum est
Questor replied to pcampo on 01-Mar-10 10:15 AM
It happened because you used a registry cleaner.  They are ALL nothing
but smoke and mirrors.  As you so painfully found out, they will
eventually create havoc in your registry.

I know this does not help you but I am not sure anyone can help you
because of what your "cleaner" did to your system.  You might try the
command line recovery console.


Questor replied to Leonard Grey on 01-Mar-10 10:17 AM