Windows 7 - How do i reset my HP Pavilion dv8000 back to its default settings?

Asked By Taylormacvicarlover on 21-Mar-10 01:00 PM
like i need to wipe the drive,but keep the os and required stuffs for
it,someone please help

Shenan Stanley replied to Taylormacvicarlover on 21-Mar-10 01:32 PM
Read your manual.

It may have a partition on the hard disk drive to restore/recover to
original "as-shipped" condition.

It may have had (possible) you create a CD/DVD recovery restoration set.

It may have (doubtful, but plausible) came with actual installation media.

Shenan Stanley
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nass replied to Taylormacvicarlover on 21-Mar-10 02:00 PM
If your data backed up, you can restore the machine to factory settings by
using their utility which I believe installed and you need to hi a key
combination or a Key to start  the process of resetting it to factory

By press F11 at startup you will be able to start the restore option, be
warned you will lose all programs/applications installed extra on this

Using the PC Recovery Solution

Maintenance and Service Guide:


Ken Blake, MVP replied to Taylormacvicarlover on 21-Mar-10 02:03 PM
Go to the HP web site or call and ask HP. They will tell you the

Ken Blake, Microsoft MVP (Windows Desktop Experience) since 2003
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