Windows 7 - Transfer photos from computer to an sd card

Asked By csgoul on 03-Mar-07 02:18 PM
Can someone please tell me how to transfer photos from my computer back to an
sd card

Gord Dibben replied on 03-Mar-07 03:07 PM
Do you have a card reader?

If so, plug it in and copy from HD to card which is inserted in your reader.

If no card reader and want to copy to card in camera, plug in camera and copy
back to the card in camera.................maybe!

Does your camera show up in My Computer as a Camera, Hard Drive or as a
removable storage device?

How and where to copy depends upon how Windows sees your Camera.

Windows sees my camera as a camera and I cannot copy pictures directly to the
card so I use a USB card reader.

If I install the software that comes with the camera, Windows sees it as a Hard
Drive and I can copy to a folder on that drive.

Note:  some cameras will not recognize photos that have been edited then copied
back to the camera.

If you have edited and just want them back on the card to take to Walmart or
similar outlet for printing, that is OK.

Gord Dibben  MS Excel MVP

On Sat, 3 Mar 2007 11:18:02 -0800, csgould <csgould@>
csgoul replied on 03-Mar-07 03:23 PM
Thanks for the reply.  The problem is ...I take the disk out of my camera
and put it in a slot (SSD/MMC) in my computer.  I upload the pics to my
computer.  I then put the card back in the camera, and deleted the pics on
the card.  So now I want to put the pics back to the card.  So, I put the
card back into the slot in the computer and tried to send them back into the
card.  But it won't work.
Gord Dibben replied on 03-Mar-07 03:47 PM
I assume the SSD/MMC slot is an internal card reader.

With my USB external card reader these are my steps to transfer pictures back to
SD Card.

1.  Remove SD card from camera.  Place SD card in slot on reader.

2.  Plug in reader to USB port.  Reader is 12-in-1 so I get 4 new
drives(removable media) in My Computer.  G:, H:, I: and J:

The one for my Camera is designated KODAK(I:)

3.  Copy pictures from pictures folder to MISC folder on the KODAK(I:) drive.
Or just drag and drop to MISC folder.

4.  Done.  Pictures now on on SD card.


On Sat, 3 Mar 2007 12:23:03 -0800, csgould <csgould@>
csgoul replied on 03-Mar-07 05:29 PM
1st I want to thank you for all your help, I appreciate it.
I guess all these computers are different.  I figured out how to do it.  The
thing that drove me crazy was that when I sent a picture to the disc, and
took the disc out of the computer, and put the disk back in the camera, I
cliked my camera on images, and it read images on disk.  Then I put the
disk back in the computer, went to my computer, then to SD/mmc drive and
opened it...boom the pictures I put on the disk were there.  so it is a
little confusing why the disk showed empty in the camera.  Now I know how to
do it.
Thanks again
Yves Alarie replied on 03-Mar-07 05:41 PM
Yes, it is a little confusing.
When you copy photos back on your card, some cameras (Sony, Olympus, Minolta
etc.) will not be able to read the files if you edited the files with
software or simply changed the file names, while other cameras (at least
some Canon, Kodak etc.) will read them. So you get this message "no images
on disk" from your camera, but the files are there and your computer will
read them.
I don't know what kind of camera you have, but take a look at the manual and
there should be some warning about this.
Gord Dibben replied on 03-Mar-07 06:20 PM
In my first post I mentioned that depending upon your make of camera you may not
be able to view them on your camera.

They will be there for downloading to somewhere else like another drive or
Walmart Photo Center.

I rarely have a problem seeing them on my Kodak DX6440 after editing and placing
back onto card in camera.

But...........there are the odd few that just will not be recognized.

If I "just have" to view them on the camera I batch run them through
IrfanView(convert from *.jpg to *.jpg) and that generally clears up any
can't-view-on-the-camera problem.


On Sat, 3 Mar 2007 14:29:05 -0800, csgould <csgould@>
Yves Alarie replied on 03-Mar-07 10:12 PM
Yes I agree. Funny about how different camera makers implement their
software. So you can do it and I cannot and it has nothing to do with XP!
Gord Dibben replied on 03-Mar-07 10:41 PM
Yes.  It has nothing to do with Windows XP AFAICT

Discussed this a couple of years ago with yourself.

Have since found a few odd cases where the camera won't recognize the photo but
as I said............. "rarely"

monica lane replied on 30-Oct-08 07:15 PM
Please help!!!
I am working on a christmas gift and I need pictures that are on my computer to be transfered to an sd card.
Can you please tell me how???
John Inzer replied on 30-Oct-08 08:44 PM
Do you have a memory card reader?

If you do...insert the SD card and
go to...My Computer...

The SD card will show up as a

Double left click the SD card's icon
and an Explorer Window will open...

You can copy/paste...drag/drop...files
into the Explorer Window and they will
be copied to the SD Card.

Also you can right click a folder or a
selected group of files and choose...
Send To / Removable Disk (?)......
(? being the letter for the drive)


John Inzer MS-MVP
Digital Media Experience

This is not tech support
I am a volunteer

Solutions that work for
me may not work for you

Proceed at your own risk
Mike Cawood, HND BIT replied on 02-Nov-08 07:24 PM
You probably will not be able to view your pictures on a digital camera after
you have done that, I am afraid there is nothing that can be done about that.
Regards   Mike.
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A E Hemmings replied on 20-Apr-09 12:55 PM
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karen shaffer replied to csgoul on 25-Dec-10 02:20 AM
can you tell me how to get photos to download back on to sd card from my computer? I read all your emails and still cant do it. the pics are there but will not go back onto sd card thanks in advance for your help