Windows 7 - Trouble Setting up Laptop to Share Newtork Printer

Asked By ilan on 18-Mar-07 06:09 PM
Hi All,

I am having some problems setting up my step-mothers laptop so that
she can print on our home network printer. We have an HP LaserJet 5,
and there are two other computers in our home network - one in my
room, and one in my brother's room. The printer is connected to the
computer in my room, and I have connected my brothers computer so that
it can print on the printer as well, so it should not be hard to do
the same for my step-mother's laptop.

I think the problem is arising because she works for a big company,
and it seems that they have configured the computer to only look in
the company network when adding a computer. When I use the wizard to
do a search, it does not look in my home work network, but only the
work directory. I suspect that there is a file that the wizard is
referring to which has been modified to only look in the work

Can anyone help me with this problem, and perhaps help me to locate
the file (if it exists) that is stopping the computer from looking
outside of the work network?

At the moment, my step-mother's laptop is succesfully sharing the home
network internet connection, but although I am not 100% sure, I don't
think that she can share files between her laptop and mine or my
brothers computer.

Thanks in advance,


Cari \(MS-MVP\) replied on 18-Mar-07 06:26 PM

You really need to ask this in the networking newsgroup.  It sounds like
it's still looking for the Domain and it needs to look for the Workgroup
Cari (MS-MVP)
Windows Technologies - Printing & Imaging
sweetesthng replied on 11-Apr-07 10:56 AM
i think i am having the same prob with ilan - or maybe close enough... i only
have two computers a desktop and a wireless laptop... both are connected to a
linksys router and the internet connection works fine.. but when i try to
setup a home network... it just wont work... and when i try to ping the
desktop from the laptop its giving me request timeout which means they are
not seing each other...

for the record ive tried running the network setup wizard on both computers
and installed the netsetup file on the laptop and set the printer to shared

please i badly need help...

God bless,